Friar on a 1980s cell phone

I, Friar, reserve the right to refuse any commission idea.
Subject matter I will draw ranges from G to X rated. Commissions
must be purchased by users 18 and over.


Payment, via PayPal / Invoice is in full prior to commencing commission work.
You agree to provide a COMPLETE description of your commission idea via note ,
Twitter @AquariusFriar or email.


You receive one WIP sketch One Week After Commissioning, and you can confirm
sketch and pose changes at this state. You may query me once a week Sunday -
Thursday during the hours of 8AM - 8 PM +5 GMT. I do not answer questions regarding
commissions on the weekend Friday - Saturday.


Upon receiving a sketch, you are entitled to three minor changes. Major
changes wished to be made to final artwork such as pose redraws are an
additional ten dollars per edit.


Refunds are issued two weeks after requested, if absolutely necessary.
WIP status may disqualify a piece from being refunded if past inking and coloring.


Complex fursonas (Excessive tattos / markings) / Complex Diaper Patterns
(Little Pawz, ABU Space, etcetera) may be charged a fee of ten dollars.

Typical turnaround is two weeks to a month, with comics and traditional pieces
taking longer. You may request a deadline sooner than the aforementioned time
for an additional charge of 15 dollars.


You are allowed to post and display your artwork in any online or physical venue
of your choice. Simply place a source linking to my Furaffinity or other online
art galleries. You may edit a piece to set as your avatar.


Here is a link provided for a list of commission prices.


You agree by commissioning me to accept that I will be posting my own art
in between the completion of your commission.

Current commission queue / status:

AI Art:

I do NOT support my art being used in artificial intelligence generated art.

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