Friar hugging his plush lion

Friar Commissions / Giftart

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Friar in a onesie
Friar by Toddlergurl
Friar with a birthday cupcake
Friar by Tavi Munk
Friar filling his diaper by his potty
Friar by Coren
Friar playing video games in a messy diaper
Friar by JarrBunky
Friar eating birthday cake in a messy diaper
Friar by Hazzard Wolf
Friar in a green shirt
Friar by Hazzard wolf
Friar dressed as a devil
Friar by Seaweed Otter
Friar dabbing in a diamond sweater vest
Friar by Ashley Fox
Friar in a thick diaper
Friar by RileyKit
Friar using a bong
Friar by JarrBunky
Friar playing with a tambourine
Friar (On the far right) by Ashley Fox
Friar in psychedelic colors
Friar by RanRan
Friar as a sausage
Friar by ToddlerGurl
Friar hiding his tum with his shirt
Friar by Tonio Puppyroo
Friar as a sumo
Friar by Karnivine
Friar with a pacifier
Friar by Codeine
Friar smiling
Friar by HazzardWolf
Friar wielding his guitar
Friar by Lemony Lion
Friar as a pillow
Friar by Bearhardt
Friar in a patchwork shirt
Friar by Lucca
Friar playing game boy in a leaky diaper
Friar by Zorrito Mika
Friar drinking soda from his bottle
Friar dressed as Garfield
Friar by Emmy
Friar mushing his messy diaper
Friar by ForgottenSoul

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