Friar looking behind himself

Friar in real life surrounded by fursonas

Hi, my name is Friar. I'm a babyfur artist and
musician. I've been in the furry fandom for
23 years and more. Here's a little about myself.

I came to babyfur from the days of yore, landing
on IRC and surfing the information superhighway
long before social media. Have you heard of this
thing called the internet? It is fascinating.

In this time, I have started my own website since
Big Internet has utterly decimated the world of
imagination. Join me in rekindling the spirit of
the days of freedom and expression.

Check out my Full Gallery at FurAffinity, Inkbunny, and More!

Friar on FurAffinity
Friar on Inkbunny
Friar on Weasyl


Friar smiling
I'm currently raising money to move to Alaska. Would you like to help? Check out my GoFundme page!

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